The Misconception of Unsuccessful

I have a folder titled Unfinished Blog Posts. It contains posts that were started, but not finished. Twenty-seven documents that got my time and energy. Twenty-seven pieces of writing that will probably never be posted. At first, this folder drove me crazy. It was proof of wasted time. It was […]

Remember Why You Started

This blank page has stared back at me for the entire week. Posting has been getting harder and harder over the last month. The ideas have been more difficult to come up with and I seem to be deleting as much as I am writing. I’ve been complaining that I […]

The Final Post… of 2017.

This is my final post of 2017. Going into the year, posting weekly was a huge step outside my comfort zone for so many reasons. But, here I am on the last Tuesday of 2017 and have somehow kept the streak alive. A few months ago, I posted on how […]

Take The Leap In 2018

Starting this blog was a leap outside my comfort zone.  A scary, uneasy, exhilarating, fulfilling leap that I want everyone to experience in 2018.  As I finish the last few posts, I honestly can’t describe this feeling.  So, instead of trying to describe it, I want everyone else to feel […]