The Hidden Reason We Miss Opportunities

Earlier tonight, the current residents finished their final practicals.  One at a time, they got up in front of the group and went through their assessment, clinical decision-making and treatment on a patient.  They were in the center of the room as the residency faculty, fellow residents and a handful […]

What’s Your Story?

A friend’s mom started sending her brain teasers last week.  The first one was a word problem and I was instantly hooked.  It took a few minutes to get, but the challenge was welcomed (I love words).  The second one required you to complete a pattern of numbers.  Now, I […]

It wasn’t my fault…

The coursework was done and only a few clinicals separated me from graduation.  I knew I was so close to the finish line.  However, one of those final clinicals was not what I wanted nor what I expected.  There were a lot of aspects I didn’t like and I was […]